About Us

AT SOTV Church, our goal is to minister to the needs of our church and community with the love of Jesus Christ. LOVE to God and LOVE to others is what we're all about!

In these very difficult and dark days we strive to encourage the defeated, uplift the downcast, and embrace those whom society deems outcasts! 

We want to follow the principles of our Lord Jesus who said, "It is more blessed to give than receive" (Acts 20:35), and "to love [our] neighbor as [ourselves]" (Mark 12:31)   

If you need food or clothing, please call our Ladles of Love Food Pantry @ 908-476-9475 to hear the current hours of operation.   

If you're having trouble dealing with COVID-19, we can provide counselors to help you.  In fact, if we can do anything at all, please call or email. 

Again, we are here to serve you, this community, and reach out to the world with the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ!