A New Series
On the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

How important was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Why does it matter? Join us this Sunday, April 7th, as we begin a new series entitled: The 40 Days: Undeniable Encounters with the Risen Messiah. It will open your eyes and bolster your faith!

Something New is Coming

And It's Just for You!

The Son Rose @ Sunrise

Resurrection Sunday Service

The 40 Days: Undeniable Encounters with the Risen Messiah

Part 1: To Fully Grasp the Resurrection, One MUST have an Open Mind...Literally

God is Love

Experiencing WHO Love Is

Jesus Saves

What is the Doctrine of Salvation?

The Secret to Staying in Love (With the Lord & Everyone Else)

Fan the Flame of Your Passion for Christ

The Depth of God's Love

How Low Will God Go to Reach One Soul?

How Low Will God's Love Go?

God will go to the lowest place on earth, to dine with the lowest person in the lowest place, simply to reveal how much He loves him. Is such a love fathomable? Listen to find out!

The Trial of Jesus

Just or Unjust? What Do You Say?

The Great Exchange

Have You Experienced the Miraculous Wonders of the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Miraculous Timing of the Cross

Only God Could Manifest His Love and Existence through an Instrument of Torture

A Song from the Cave

Finding Strength in the Midst of Your Struggle

Israel will Fight. Israel will Win

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love will be closed temporarily due to medical leave and shortage of staff.  Please refer to this page in 3 months for an update.

Our apologies for any inconvinience and thank you in advance for your understanding.



And He Gave Thanks

The Gratitude of Jesus
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